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Aviation Products
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  -Airport 24 Hour Flashing Beacons
  -Airport 24 Hour Flashing Beacon
  -Airport Lighting Controls
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  -Approach Lighting Systems
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  -Crane Obstruction Lights
  -Elevated Runway Guard Lights
  -Obstruction Lighting
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  -Runway & Taxiway Inserts Lights
  -Solar Aviation Lights
  -Solar Beacons Lights
  -Solar Crane Lights
  -Solar Helipad Lights
  -Solar Obstruction Lights
  -Solar Perimeter Lights
  -Solar RunWay Lights
  -Solar RunWay EDGE Lighting
  -Solar TaxiWay Lights
  -Solar TAXIWAY Lighting
  -Solar Threshold Lights
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  -Solar Airport UPS Backup Energy
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  -Electrical Vehicles
  -Electrical Vehicle Charging
  -Power Supplies
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  -Outdoor enclosures Single Bay
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  -Traffic enclosures
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  -Energy Storage
  -Fuel Cells
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  -Hospital Fuel Cells UPS
  -Hospital Signals
  -Landfills Green Energy Generator
  -Modular Power Storage
  -Pipeline Oil and Gas
  -Portable Solar Power Generator
  -Solar Powered SCADA
  -Security and Surveillance
  -Solar EV Charge Station
  -Solar Trailers
  -Solar Trees
  -Telecom Power Supplies
  -Traffic Management
  -Foldable Solar Battery Charger
  -Fuel Cells Military
  -GSA Government
  -Homeland Security
  -Military Bases Your Speed Signs
  -Military Solar Gate Openers
  -Military Secure Fence Lighting
  -Military Video Surveillance
  -Portable Military Solar Power
  -Hospital Emergency Back-Up Power
  -Hospital Signals
  -Hospital Solar 24 Flashing Beacons
  -Hospital Solar Parking Lot Lighting
  -Hospital Solar Powered Speed Radar
  -Hospital Solar Video Surveillance
  -Medical Grade UPS
  -Medical Grade Fuel Cells Backup
  -Inverters Ambulance EMS
  -Vaccine Refrigerators Solar
  -Billboards LED Lighting
  -Bridge Solar LED Lighting
  -Bus Stop Shelter Solar Light
  -Bullet Proof Solar LED Lights
  -Explosion Proof Lights
  -Explosion Proof Rotating Lights
  -LED Street Lights
  -Perimeter Security Lighting
  -Solar LED Lighting
  -Solar Street Lighting
  -Solar LED Street Lighting
  -Solar Parking-Lot Lighting
  -Solar Light Tower
  -Solar Security Lighting
  -School Parking lot Lighting
  -Solar Powered Parking Lot Light
  -Tunnel Lighting
  -Marine Navigation Lights
  -Port Entry Lights
  -Solar Marine Lighting
  -Solar Marine Navegation Lights
  -Marine Navigation Lights
Military Sytems
  -Military Bases Solar Lighting
  -Military Energy Storage
  -Military Traffic Safety
  -Military Video Surveillance
  -Military Video Surveillance Solar
  -Military Solar Light Tower
  -Military Bases Your Speed Signs
  -Military Portable Solar Power
  -Military Solar Enery Trailer
Obstruction Lights
  -Obstruction Lights FAA
  -Obstruction Lights ICAO
  -Obstruction Lighting
  -Solar Obstruction Lighting
  -Solar Obstruction Lighting FAA
  -Solar Obstruction Lighting ICAO
Power Sytems
  -Battery Chargers
  -DC to DC Converters
  -DC to DC Converters Din Rail
  -Din Rail Uninterruptible Power Supply
  -Inverters Accessories
  -Inverters Battery Based Off Grid
  -Inverters Grid-Tied
  -Battery Storage Smart Grid
  -Commercial- Industrial
  -Military Modular Energy Storage
  -Mobile Solar Power
  -Electrical Vehicle Charging Station
  -Ballistic Protection
  -Cameras Enclosures
  -Defense And Security Solutions
  -Gate Openers
  -Gate Openers Solar Powered
  -Industrial Video Surveillance
  -Infra Red Illuminators
  -Metal Weapons Detectors
  -Radar Your Speed Sign
  -Solar-Powered Security Lights
Solar Energy Components
  -Charge Controllers
  -Inverters Accessories
  -Inverters Battery Based Off Grid
  -Inverters Grid-Tied
  -Portable Battery Charger
  -Solar Modules
  -Solar Modules Ballistic Protection
  -Mounting Structures
Solar Systems
  -Cathodic Protection
  -Disaster Relief Vehicle
  -Commercial Solar Power
  -Home Solar Power System Grid Tie
  -Home Solar Power System Off Grid
  -Portable Solar Generator
  -Remote Solar Power Supply AC
  -Remote Solar Power Supply DC
  -Solar Powered Parking Lots
  -Battery Backup
  -24/7 Traffic Flashing Beacons
  -LED Traffic Signals
  -Portable Traffic Signals
  -Railroad Crossing Signals Backup
  -Remote Controlled Signals
  -Solar Powered Traffic Lights
  -Solar Powered Your Speed Signs
  -Solar School Zone Flashing Beacons
  -Solar School Parking Lot Lighting
  -Solar Traffic Lights
  -Traffic Controls
  -Traffic 24 Hour Solar Flashing Beacon
  -Traffic Solar School Zone Beacons
  -Traffic Your Speed
  -Traffic Parts
  -Traffic Lights
  -Traffic Signal Battery Backup
  -Your Speed Signs Solar Powered
UPS Backup Systems
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  -Base Station for Moville Networks
  -UPS Data Center Facilities
  -UPS Emergency Generators
  -UPS Hospital Generators
  -UPS Traffic Generators
  -UPS Fuel Cell Generators
Visual Signals
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  -Marine Solar Powered Beacons
  -Solar Marine & Dock Lighting
  -Rotating Beacons
  -Solar Powered Beacons
Water Treatment
  -Solar Powered for Water Treatment
  -Solar Water Pumps Accessories
  -Solar Powered Water Pumps
  -Video Surveillance for Water Treatment Plants
  -Water Pumps
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  -Wind Turbine Lighting

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.Catalog of Solar Energy Solar LED Lighting Products for OEMs, Military

Catalog of Custom Energy solutions for Utility-Scale Green generation by the combination of Solar, wind, Fuel Cells work best when you partner with an experienced source, one with a track record of product innovation and technical leadership. OkSolar Energy systems and solutions come with innovative features that meet all your applications needs.

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Catalog and Technical specs in PDF format Click Here!

Catalog of: Automation - Communications - Electronics and Energy production and distribution.

  • Custom Energy solutions for Utility-Scale Green generation by the combination of Solar, wind, Fuel Cells work best when you partner with an experienced source, one with a track record of product innovation and technical leadership. OkSolar Energy systems and solutions come with innovative features that meet all your applications needs.

  1. GeneralCommunications.pdf : Communicating - Alerting - Warning!

    • Audible signaling, Visual Signaling, Wireless. A signal for every signal need. From cranes and conveyors to safety and security, signals that can be both seen and heard. Point to Point or Point to Multipoint monitor and control level, flow, pressure, temperature, alarms, etc., while eliminating costs for cable, conduit, trenching and boring. We help you Communicate and Move your Data point to Point multipoint.

  2. Flexible Solar Charger.pdf : Solar Battery Chargers for Military Power Requirements

    • The overall benefits of our military solar power products are to, enable extended missions, improve logistics by enabling field charging thereby reducing the number of batteries in the field and provide a significant cost reduction when compared to primary batteries.

  3. IPAnyWhere.pdf : IP Video Anywhere OkSolar’s

    • IP Video Anywhere technology empowers Government agencies, Industrial facilities, developers, contractors, and other professionals to efficiently and effectively manage sites across the country and around the world. OkIP Video Anywhere allows businesses to monitor an unlimited number of locations over the internet using non-intrusive, energy efficient, IP camera systems.

    • Keep an eye on your critical facilities at all times. With OkSolar IP Video Anywhere, you can monitor sites several thousand miles away as if they were across the street. Our system facilitates remote site surveillance through energy-independent operation and allows video to be transmitted over IP without any physical lines being installed. Companies with remote or hard to access assets, such as oil and gas pipelines, bridges or rural properties, have not had an effective, economical solution for protecting those assets. Some of the features like automated archiving allow you not only to track construction progress in real time but also to retrieve past images which can be used to resolve issues quickly.

  4. IQAirport.pdf : Have you checked the IQ of your Airport power systems?

    • Advanced power electronics enabling high IQ delivery of Aviation LED Illuminations, Warning control systems anytime anywhere! Airport Light Bases, Approach and Navigational Lights, Guidance Signs, Obstruction Lighting, Power and Control Equipment, Runway and Taxiway Edge Lights, Runway and Taxiway Inset Lights, Weather Equipment, Railway Signal, Lighting Navigational Aids, Cathodic Protection, Remote Monitoring, heliport lighting, obstruction lighting, airfield lighting, faa windcone, aviation lights, taxiway lights, perimeter light, wind cone. Specially designed to meet military specifications.

  5. IQFuelCell

    • Applications of fuel cells: Reliable off-grid power supply for the Telecommunications, Traffic, Security, Missile Tracking, Road Repair Work, Railway Signal, Lighting Navigational Aids, Cathodic Protection, Remote Monitoring. Military/Ordnance out rank the requirements for power and reliability.

      IQ Fuel Cells for Standby Power Generation authorized government distributor.
      Fuel cells are now available as an alternative source for renewable energy. Unlike traditional power generators, they don't require gasoline to generate power. They also provide an alternative to solar generators because they do not depend on any external power gathering equipment. These units are compact, durable, and built to power a wide range of applications.

  6. IQLED.pdf : LED Street Lamps e40, LED Streetlight LED Bulb LED Traffic Light Manufacturer and Exporter.

    • LED Street Lamps e40, LED Street light Custom Solutions for Green lighting products providing green energy efficient, low maintenance long life LED fixtures LED Bulb LED Traffic Light Manufacturer and Exporter.

  7. IQSolarLighting.pdf : IQ Solar LED Street Lighting If you can dream it, We can illuminate it!

    • Manufacturer and Exporter of Solar Lights are Engineered provide sufficient Solar LED lighting whatever the weather conditions are, Our Brilliant Solar Street Lights are also supplied with an electronic controller that automatically turns the unit on and off. The Brilliant Solar Street Lighting System has also been designed with reliability and low maintenance in mind throughout the life of the product, Solar Lights, Solar Lighting, Solar Roadway Lights, Solar LED Light, Off Grid Light, Solar LED Street Lights, street and area lighting, Solar Street Lights-Solar Street Lighting.

    • Applications: Solar Light, Solar Lights, Solar Lighting, Solar Roadway Lights, Solar LED Light, Off Grid Light, Solar LED Street Lights, street and area lighting, Solar Street Lights-Solar Street Lighting

  8. IQTraffiControl.pdf : We will Help you increase the IQ of your Traffic Controls!

    • Have you checked the IQ of your Traffic Controls systems?

    • Traffic Control Products traffic control and access professionals with reliable hi-tech component products (signal monitors, vehicle detectors, power supplies, load switches, flashers, bus interface units, and detector harnesses) that offer value added benefits for traffic signal cabinets as well as gate, parking, and/or door operators Manufacturer Supplier and Exporter of Electronics products for the transportation market. We offer a complete line of LED lighting for airport, bus, obstruction, rail, traffic signal.

    • IQUPS Battery Backups Prevent Accidents at Critical Traffic Signals Increase the public safety and reduced traffic congestion by allowing traffic lights to function even during a power failure. A typical traffic signal intersection experiences eight to ten local power outages annually. With battery backup 3 power, some or all the traffic control signals can continue to operate. This seamless switchover to battery power increases public safety and eliminates the need to dispatch police or other service personnel to direct traffic. If all traffic signals were converted to LEDs, the battery.

  9. IQUPS.pdf electricity anytime anywhere! : We will help you increase the IQ of you UPS and BackUp Systems!

    • UPS and Backup Power Generation by leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced power electronics enabling delivery of electricity anytime anywhere

    • Applications: Airport IQUPS Airfield Power Backup Electrical Communication infrastructure (Local and Federal Government) Base Stations for Mobil Networks that can run on Solar, Wind and Fuel Cells. IQ UPS Base stations cut diesel usage by 75 percent. has designed a base station for mobile networks that would run on sun, wind power and fuel cells. Gas Stations (Powering gasoline pumps during a power failure) Hospital EMS. IQUPS Hospital Power Backup Electrical Rail Roads. Railroad crossing signals backup Traffic intersections. backup power for critical LED traffic light intersections.

    • TSPDC Transportable (Trailer-Modular Power Storage) Characteristics:

      Transportable; Simple; Rugged; Military Grade. Systems Designed to survive harsh environments

      • Our line of solar transportable power units (TSPDC) provides stand-alone photovoltaic power. These portable units supply AC power just about anywhere the sun shines. Our systems are fully assembled and factory tested for immediate use in the field.
        Emergency efforts are often hampered by the lack of electricity. Our TSPDC units are designed to fill the gap until power is restored. They can provide refrigeration for medical supplies, water filtration systems can be made operational, and communication equipment can be powered to help in the recovery process.

  10. Enclosures:

    •  Outdoor Nema 3, 3R, 4, 4X Cabinet Enclosures • LTE • Wimax • Telecom • Security • Traffic
      Enclosures Outdoor Nema 3, Enclosures 3R, Enclosures 4, Enclosures 4X Cabinet Enclosures, LTE Enclosures, Wimax Enclosures, Telecom Enclosures, Security Enclosures, Traffic Enclosures.