Ambulance Inverter Charger

Item no.: 54700
Manufacturer: Vanner Ambulance EMS

EMS Ambulance Inverter charger designed for ambulances, fire rescue trucks and specialty vehicles EMS - Output at 120 VAC continuous - 1050 Watts.

Ambulance Inverter Fleet Power 1000

Item no.: 54750
Manufacturer: Xantrex

Ambulance inverter Fleet Power inverter/chargers by Xantrex are available in models from 1000 to 2500 watts with an output of 120 volts AC. Designed for fleet, utility and emergency vehicles, Fleet Power inverter/chargers feature a high surge capability and a durable design that installs easily in compact spaces.

Ambulance/EMS Inverter/Charger with 2 Outlets

Item no.: 54760
Manufacturer: Tripplite

Inverter with integrated charging system provides automatic, uninterruptible DC-to-AC power for critical on-board equipment. Ideal for installation by ambulance/EMS vehicle manufacturers, dealer or EMS service for OEM, replacements and upgrades