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  -Airfield Accessories
  -Airport Your Speed Traffic Signs
  -Airport 24 Hour Flashing Beacons
  -Airport 24 Hour Flashing Beacon
  -Airport Lighting Controls
  -Airport Video Surveillance
  -Approach Lighting Systems
  -Airport Elevated Runway Lights
  -Crane Obstruction Lights
  -Elevated Runway Guard Lights
  -Obstruction Lighting
  -Runway & Taxiway Elevated Lights
  -Runway & Taxiway Inserts Lights
  -Solar Aviation Lights
  -Solar Beacons Lights
  -Solar Crane Lights
  -Solar Helipad Lights
  -Solar Obstruction Lights
  -Solar Perimeter Lights
  -Solar RunWay Lights
  -Solar RunWay EDGE Lighting
  -Solar TaxiWay Lights
  -Solar TAXIWAY Lighting
  -Solar Threshold Lights
  -Solar PAPI Lights
  -Solar Tower Lights
  -Solar Wind Cones
  -Solar Airport UPS Backup Energy
  -Data Acquisition
  -Motion Sensors
  -Solar Power Generator
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  -Wireless Airfield Light Control
  -Wireless Control
  -Wireless Lighting Control
  -Enclosures Air Conditioners
  -Enclosures Thermal Management
  -Coud Services
  -Computer Solar Backups
  -Commercial Building Automation
  -Computer Solar Chargers
  -Battery Chargers
  -DC to DC Converters
  -Din Rail Power Supply
  -Electrical Vehicles
  -Electrical Vehicle Charging
  -Power Supplies
  -Battery Enclosure
  -LTE enclosure 4G Enclosure
  -Outdoor enclosures Single Bay
  -Outdoor Enclosure Double Bay
  -Outdoor enclosure Triple Bay
  -Traffic enclosures
Energy Solutions
  -Battery Backup Storage
  -Energy Storage
  -Fuel Cells
  -Hospital Emergency
  -Hospital Fuel Cells UPS
  -Hospital Signals
  -Landfills Green Energy Generator
  -Modular Power Storage
  -Pipeline Oil and Gas
  -Portable Solar Power Generator
  -Solar Powered SCADA
  -Security and Surveillance
  -Solar EV Charge Station
  -Solar Trailers
  -Solar Trees
  -Telecom Power Supplies
  -Traffic Management
  -Foldable Solar Battery Charger
  -Fuel Cells Military
  -GSA Government
  -Homeland Security
  -Military Bases Your Speed Signs
  -Military Solar Gate Openers
  -Military Secure Fence Lighting
  -Military Video Surveillance
  -Portable Military Solar Power
  -Hospital Emergency Back-Up Power
  -Hospital Signals
  -Hospital Solar 24 Flashing Beacons
  -Hospital Solar Parking Lot Lighting
  -Hospital Solar Powered Speed Radar
  -Hospital Solar Video Surveillance
  -Medical Grade UPS
  -Medical Grade Fuel Cells Backup
  -Inverters Ambulance EMS
  -Vaccine Refrigerators Solar
  -Billboards LED Lighting
  -Bridge Solar LED Lighting
  -Bus Stop Shelter Solar Light
  -Bullet Proof Solar LED Lights
  -Explosion Proof Lights
  -Explosion Proof Rotating Lights
  -LED Street Lights
  -Perimeter Security Lighting
  -Solar LED Lighting
  -Solar Street Lighting
  -Solar LED Street Lighting
  -Solar Parking-Lot Lighting
  -Solar Light Tower
  -Solar Security Lighting
  -School Parking lot Lighting
  -Solar Powered Parking Lot Light
  -Tunnel Lighting
  -Marine Navigation Lights
  -Port Entry Lights
  -Solar Marine Lighting
  -Solar Marine Navegation Lights
  -Marine Navigation Lights
Military Sytems
  -Military Bases Solar Lighting
  -Military Energy Storage
  -Military Traffic Safety
  -Military Video Surveillance
  -Military Video Surveillance Solar
  -Military Solar Light Tower
  -Military Bases Your Speed Signs
  -Military Portable Solar Power
  -Military Solar Enery Trailer
Obstruction Lights
  -Obstruction Lights FAA
  -Obstruction Lights ICAO
  -Obstruction Lighting
  -Solar Obstruction Lighting
  -Solar Obstruction Lighting FAA
  -Solar Obstruction Lighting ICAO
Power Sytems
  -Battery Chargers
  -DC to DC Converters
  -DC to DC Converters Din Rail
  -Din Rail Uninterruptible Power Supply
  -Inverters Accessories
  -Inverters Battery Based Off Grid
  -Inverters Grid-Tied
  -Battery Storage Smart Grid
  -Commercial- Industrial
  -Military Modular Energy Storage
  -Mobile Solar Power
  -Electrical Vehicle Charging Station
  -Ballistic Protection
  -Cameras Enclosures
  -Defense And Security Solutions
  -Gate Openers
  -Gate Openers Solar Powered
  -Industrial Video Surveillance
  -Infra Red Illuminators
  -Metal Weapons Detectors
  -Radar Your Speed Sign
  -Solar-Powered Security Lights
Solar Energy Components
  -Charge Controllers
  -Inverters Accessories
  -Inverters Battery Based Off Grid
  -Inverters Grid-Tied
  -Portable Battery Charger
  -Solar Modules
  -Solar Modules Ballistic Protection
  -Mounting Structures
Solar Systems
  -Cathodic Protection
  -Disaster Relief Vehicle
  -Commercial Solar Power
  -Home Solar Power System Grid Tie
  -Home Solar Power System Off Grid
  -Portable Solar Generator
  -Remote Solar Power Supply AC
  -Remote Solar Power Supply DC
  -Solar Powered Parking Lots
  -Battery Backup
  -24/7 Traffic Flashing Beacons
  -LED Traffic Signals
  -Portable Traffic Signals
  -Railroad Crossing Signals Backup
  -Remote Controlled Signals
  -Solar Powered Traffic Lights
  -Solar Powered Your Speed Signs
  -Solar School Zone Flashing Beacons
  -Solar School Parking Lot Lighting
  -Solar Traffic Lights
  -Traffic Controls
  -Traffic 24 Hour Solar Flashing Beacon
  -Traffic Solar School Zone Beacons
  -Traffic Your Speed
  -Traffic Parts
  -Traffic Lights
  -Traffic Signal Battery Backup
  -Your Speed Signs Solar Powered
UPS Backup Systems
  -UPS Airport Generators
  -Base Station for Moville Networks
  -UPS Data Center Facilities
  -UPS Emergency Generators
  -UPS Hospital Generators
  -UPS Traffic Generators
  -UPS Fuel Cell Generators
Visual Signals
  -Explosion Proof Rotating Beacons
  -Marine Solar Powered Beacons
  -Solar Marine & Dock Lighting
  -Rotating Beacons
  -Solar Powered Beacons
Water Treatment
  -Solar Powered for Water Treatment
  -Solar Water Pumps Accessories
  -Solar Powered Water Pumps
  -Video Surveillance for Water Treatment Plants
  -Water Pumps
Wind Generators
  -Wind Turbines Accessories
  -Wind Turbines
  -Wind Turbine Obstruction Lighting
  -Wind Turbine Lighting

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Custom or Special Order Can't NOT be return or Canceled
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Export Order Can't NOT be return or Canceled.
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+Since freight companies base their shipping charges on actual and/or dimensional weight of the package and this information becomes available only when the order is packed and ready to ship, the shipping cost must be calculated when the order is ready to ship. The procedure for Domestic or export international orders will consist of the Following Steps.


- Estimated Lead Time and Latest Technology?

+ Our commitment to our clients is to provide the latest technology available, and for that reason, we build as per order. One small example is our batteries. Fresh batteries are ordered from the factory when your order arrives; we don't use batteries that have been sitting on a shelf for months. This way, your new system is guaranteed top performance.

- Why do some items have no listed price?

+ Some items in our store require special consideration from our staff and are listed as "Request For Quote." Adding any such item to your order will automatically convert your order to a request for quotation and you will not be required to provide payment information upon checkout.

- What if I just want to request a quote?

+ There are two ways to request a quote. If you add an item to your order that is listed as "Request Quote" (see above) then your order will be marked as a Request for Quote and you will not be required to provide payment information on checkout.

+ If none of the items in your order are listed as "Request For Quote" but you wish to enter your order as a quote, then on the final step of the checkout process enter the phrase "Request For Quotation" in the "Special Instructions" section. Our staff will send you a quotation for the items you selected in the quantities indicated.

+ Requests for quotations can not be made over the phone--they must either be entered through our online order system ( or they must be emailed to Sales

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+ You can view any open order or previous invoice by visiting and entering the billing email address along with the invoice number for that order.

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To U.S. Government, Military, Embassies & Consulates

We offer full service and support to the U.S. government worldwide. When you are Deployed We go with you!

We accept Government Purchase Orders and Credit Cards: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express


Armed Forces (APO/FPO)US Armed forces

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    • US Armed forces Standard worldwide shipping (APO/FPO)

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- Can I pay with credit card? Only Government Agencies.

+ We only accept payment by credit card for Government Agencies.

+ Credit Card Orders with a Lead time, must be paid for via check, money order or wire transfer before the order can be processed.

+  Email us your request for credit card payment form with your Quote, Order or Invoice Number

- Can I pay with a Purchase Order?

+ We only accept Purchase Orders from Government Agencies established dealer/distributors.

+  Email us your request for Purchase Order assignment to your Quote, Order or Invoice Number

- What do you mean by "minimum order?"

+ Some items can not be purchased in quantities less than what is listed by our store. You must add at lease that quantity of the item in question to your order.

- Sales TAX.

+ Customer is responsible for payment of all applicable state and local taxes, or for providing a valid sales tax exemption certificate. When placing an order, customer shall: Mail, Fax or email tax exemption certificate.

Our Shipping Offices are located in USA and Europe.

Based in your Country you can select the shipping point to reduce the costs for freight, Land, Air o Sea
Europe Office: Our Company brings its expertise in distribution to Europe to help customers quickly and easily locate the broad range of products they need to maintain their facilities. Export Services Our System provides a full-service package through export services to customers located outside North America. Our sales representatives are dedicated to serving customers in every geographic region, worldwide.


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