Military Battlefield Solar Battery Chargers
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Military Battlefield Solar Battery Chargers, MRC-135A Single Battery Solar Charger, MRC-135A Single Battery Solar Charger: BB-390B/U, BB-590/U, BB-2590, BB-2590/U, MRC-2590, UBBL09, UBI-2590, UBBL13, BT-70791CK.

DC Input: 11-36VDC.


  • Unattended charging
  • Charge module automatically detects open or shorted cells
  • Charging stops whenever a fault is detected
  • Individual charging of each cell string precents cell imbalances, assures positive recharge
  • Performs well in hot,cloudyandother diverse environments
  • UV resistant and weather proof
  • Rugged construction

    Battery TypesL

    • BB-390/U - Nickel Metal Hydrate (NiMH)
    • BB-590/U - Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
    • BB-2590 / UBI-2590 (UBBL02) / MRC-2590 / UBBL09 / UBI-2590 SMBus
    • (UBBL10) / UBI-2590 HC SMBus (UBBL13) - Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)
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