Sincgars Solar Battery Charger
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Manufactured by OkSolar
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MILITARY PORTABLE CHARGERS MIL-STD-810E Approved Sincgars Solar Battery Charger easy-to- use, lightweight, rucksack-portable solar array that, when used in conjunction with a custom charge controller, will rejuvenate, by sunlight the BB390 and BB2590 rechargeable batteries used primarily in the Sincgars radio. The solar energy recharger was developed to provide soldiers with a means of restoring power to their batteries on the move, when primary power sources are not available and when silent operation is key to the mission. The solar recharger incorporates the OkSolar CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium de-Selinide) technology developed for military fielding of lightweight, soldier portable and tactically silent renewable energy.
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