Solar Shipping Containers for Water Treatment
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Manufactured by IQUPS
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Modular Energy Storage 16KWh Battery Storage.

Large Scale Battery Storage new modular design Plug and Play IQUPS Technology that lets Clients like Hospitals, Airport, Industries, and Utilities scale up as is needed.

Battery storage system includes a solar arrays, power inverter and controller that connects the system to the grid. It has a maximum power output of W.

Using the power storage help integrate into the grid. Fluctuations in power generation can be a problem for grid stability, in Hospitals, Airports, Mission Critical systems, etc.

Having a reliable IQUPS back-up to balance power loads during lag times is beneficial.

TMSPDC® Transportable Modular Power Storage
Characteristics: Transportable; Simple; Rugged; Military Grade.
Systems Designed to survive harsh environments.

Our line of solar transportable power units (TMSPDC® Power AnyWhere Any Time®) provides stand-alone photovoltaic power. These portable units supply AC power just about anywhere the sun shines. Our systems are fully assembled and factory tested for immediate use in the field. Self Deployable automatic Solar Modules position.

TMSPDC® Transportable Modular Power Unit Power AnyWhere Any Time® are available in several capacities with individual modules up to 4 MW and an output voltage range from 120 volts to 40.5 kV at 50 or 60 Hertz, single or three phase system.

OkSolar Transforms Shipping Containers into a Solar-Powered Modular units of Power AnyWhere Any Time®.

Our Kits are custom made based on 3D Architect drawings, GPS data positioning, Grid requirements (Grid-tied or Off-Grid) and Operating Voltage. By supplying the info and selecting a item number we can design the optimal system for maximum output.

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Dimensions and Weight
Length: in.
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Height: in.
Shipping Weight: 4000 lbs.