Solar Powered Wireless pipeline video surveillance
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IP Video Anywhere! Utilizing the best current technology in wireless radios, digital cameras, and solar power, IQMilitary have developed a family of cost effective solutions for remote Military Ruggedized IP video security and surveillance.

Military Video Surveillance.
Pipeline Monitoring.
Water Treatments Plants.
Homeland Security.
Public Safety.
Traffic Monitoring.
Remote Surveillance.
Monitoring Construction Sites.

Cost effective solutions for remote IP video security and surveillance Military Grade. These systems transcend traditional barriers for operating remote-site video by integrating new secure radio technology with feature-rich IP video cameras, powered completely by solar energy. This enables any authorized user with an Internet connected device to view live video located, literally, Anywhere!.

System includes the following features:

RF Equipment: Lighting protection and Remote, A family of wireless point to multipoint solutions enabling reliable connectivity for last mile access, campus networking, and security and surveillance.

Camera Equipment Military Grade:
Resolutions up to 5 MP
H.264 Main profile + MJPEG Compression
.60 fps @ 720p, 30 fps @ 1080p, 10 fps @ 5 MP
.1, 2 & 3MP WDR Models Available (100 dB)
Up to 8 different motion detection zones per camera.
E-mail/FTP notification on event occurrence.
IP Addressable.

Solar Equipment: Charge controllers, Solar Panel, Solar panel mounts, 16’ dual conductor solar Cables, Batteries, Cabinet Equipment.

Systems do not include towers, antennas or coax cable.
Please contact our technicians to determine beast solution.

Depending on your specific needs in terms of camera style (standard or dome; resolution; enclosure; type of protection; and environmental conditions) we can custom design your system.

City Surveillance: Video surveillance solutions for City Centers, Intersections, Crime Prevention, and General Surveillance.

Banking/Finance: Video surveillance solutions for Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Automated Teller Machines, Private Banks, Clearing Houses, and other Financial Institutions.

Commercial/Industrial: Video surveillance solutions for Factories, Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities.

Education: Video surveillance solutions for Preschools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, and Satellite Campuses.

Gaming: Video surveillance solutions for Casinos including related Hotels, Restaurants, and Shopping.

Government/Law Enforcement: Video surveillance solutions for Municipalities, City Halls, Court Houses, Prisons, Customs and Immigration Offices, Libraries.

Healthcare: Video surveillance solutions for Hospitals, Medical Centers, Pharmacies, Dentistry, Public Health, Biotechnology, and Research Centers.

Retail: Video surveillance solutions for Boutiques, Global Retailers, Retail Centers, Department Stores, Super Markets, Auto Sales, Gas and Convenience Locations, and Vending Machines.

Transportation: Video surveillance solutions for Airports, Helipads, Railway, Bus Terminals, Cargo, and Ferries.

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-Required an optimally oriented solar panel at the installation site.

-Test Conditions: of 1.5 air mass spectrum; 20 degrees C ambient air temp; 1 sun (1000 watts per square meter at POA irradiance); 1 meter per second wind speed at 10 meters above grade)

Packaging information: Brown Box (Individual Packing for each part).

Zone Type: To determine the Zone that you are in  Contact us for Information on World Daily Solar Radiation Zones .

WIND LOADING CAPABILITY Map: Standard mounts are designed to withstand 30 lbs. / ft. 2(approximately 90 mph or 145km/hr.). Designs capable of withstanding greater loads are available upon request. Wind Load: Withstand 150 MPH winds Certified to meet or exceed ASCE-7-05 specifications for 150 MPH, Exposure D extreme wind event!

Other Models Available

Products Features and Models:

Solar Light Tower, Light Tower, Refugee Camps Solar Light Tower, mobile light towers, Job Site Solar Light Tower, Portable Solar Light Towers, Solar Powered Construction Light Tower


High Resolution Weatherproof cctv camera system with IR Night Vision

Solar Light Tower, Light Tower, Refugee Camps Solar Light Tower, mobile light towers, Job Site Solar Light Tower, Portable Solar Light Towers, Solar Powered Construction Light Tower

Solar Radiation Map
Solar Radiation Map

Since these units are custom made, internal and external distribution of components may vary. Pictures are provided to help visualize the final product, but the final product may vary. We will work with your technical department to provide cutting edge technology with the latest technical components.
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Shipping Weight: 378 lbs.