OkPoE34 Power over Ethernet
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Power over Ethernet, IP-Surveillance

Power over Ethernet is the ideal power solution for a vast array of data equipment for business and industry use. Primary markets include virtually any enterprise with an existing Ethernet network. Consolidation of power and data, in order to simplify installation and deployment, creates outstanding opportunities for Power over Ethernet technology.

Centralization of power supply control also eliminates the security vulnerability so often created by the situation in which someone carrying out a service such as cleaning or building work may need to utilize a power point used by a particular camera.

PoE makes it much more difficult to cut or vandalize cabling Network cabling is generally attached to trays in roof voids or behind plastic ducts which are very difficult to get at. Any cutting of these cables will be immediately obvious to those passing by and of course to computer users who will find themselves unable to get on with their work.

OkPoE makes it easier and more cost-effective to make the power supply to IP-Surveillance systems highly robust The centralization of power through OkPoE hubs (often called Mid-spans) also means that OkPoE-based systems can be plugged into the central Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which already supports most computer network involving more than one or two PCs. This ensures that any power outages will not affect the integrity of the IP-Surveillance system. OkPoE hubs or mid-spans also create the ability for security managers to shut down or reset devices remotely PoE systems can pinpoint malfunctioning networked devices and then enable managers to reset them at the touch of a button. Devices being replaced can simply be isolated from power, a new device installed and then re-powered up.
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