Military Radio Remote Controlled Airfield Lighting
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Radio-Controlled Military Grade Solar Airfield Lighting System

Remote controlled airport lighting system is a solar-powered LED lighting package designed to offer airports, defense, and aid agencies complete flexibility. Remotely activate and control your lights via wireless handheld controller!

The system is operated by a wireless handheld controller, which enables personnel to remotely activate and set specific characteristics of lights within their airfield.
Lights can be allocated to up to 15 groups, such as taxiways, runway edge or threshold, and each group can be controlled independently.

The operator can change the color of each light in the group remotely by selecting between internal LED light banks - greatly expanding the flexibility of the system.

For defense applications, models can be supplied with the ability to remotely switch between visual and infrared light output.
In addition to switching between operating colors, lights can be set to any of over 250 flash patterns, including MORSE CODE. Lights set to the same flash rate will automatically synchronize with each other to provide clear perimeter or security marking.

Using advanced proprietary software, the airfield lighting system has a practically unlimited operational range. The operating range of the hand-held controller is up to 1.5km - after which the furthest light in range will relay the message to lights falling outside this area.

GeneralCommunications Systems is a world leader in the production of solar-powered LED airfield lighting systems, deployed throughout some of the most demanding regions by customers including the US Army and US Air Force.

Each light is solar-powered, and will automatically charge the integrated battery during daylight hours. The internal battery has a life expectancy of 5 years, after which can be readily changed on-site by the operator.

The models use LEDs as a light-source, which means there are no globes to change ever.

The coupling of advanced embedded-systems electronics, and LED and solar technology, allows for an airfield lighting package which can be deployed in minutes and can operate maintenance-free for many years - all this without the need for external power or underground trenching and cabling.
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