Military Energy Storage Systems 48 Volt DC
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Military Energy Storage System 24 Volt DC or 48 Volt DC.

IQUPs Battery Energy Storage Systems offer peak power saving capabilities by delivering stored energy to the grid during periods of high demand, reducing the burden on the distribution network. This effectively reduces the gap between peak and average energy demand, improving the efficiency.

Power equalizing to prevent surges or drops in power supply key advantage of Battery Energy Storage Systems. The stored energy equalizes out any power from variable energy sources such as Solar and wind power plants, so that the utility receives constant and consistent power.
Benefits of Battery Storage applied to Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy output is undependable since it is affected by weather conditions. Renewable power generation in an on-grid system may cause issues with power grid due to fluctuation in the output, which makes frequency control difficult for electric Utilities.

Use of battery storage systems can mitigate this output fluctution by storing excess power locally. Large gaps in demand between peak hours and off-peak hour’s makes battery storage an ideal solution to store energy during off-peak hours for use during peak demand.

Power Utilities set time varying electricity prices, lower price at night and higher one during peak day hours to incentivize lower peak loads. Lithium battery storage can provide reduced grid power consumption during peak periods, thereby reducing electricity bills. In addition IQUPS can supply power continuity by instantly switching the load from grid to batteries during power outages.
System Battery Management & Safety:

IQUPS lithium battery storage unit contains integrated battery management system that monitors each battery cell voltage and temperature during charge and discharge cycles. proprietary IQUPS™ battery management system controls charging, discharging, balancing of Batteries and lithium battery cells with intelligent functionality that extends battery life. IQUPS™ functionality allows IQUPS to be charged or discharged by standard charge controllers and inverters.

The safety and life of Batteries and lithium battery pack greatly depends on operating conditions such as charge/discharge rate, State of Charge [SOC%], load characteristics and temperature. The crucial role of battery management system is to ensure that each individual cell is operated within safe limits to extend battery life.
Since these units are custom made, internal and external distribution of components may vary. Pictures are provided to help visualize the final product, but the final product may vary. We will work with your technical department to provide cutting edge technology with the latest technical components.
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