IR remote
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The IR remote is used to communicate with lighting products that have an IR sensor fitted. The remote control is used for the following functions:

• Flash Code: read the current flash code, configure a new flash code. 

• Lamp Intensity: read the current lamp intensity, configure a new intensity level. 

• Ambient Light Thresholds: read the current light thresholds, configure new ambient light thresholds. 

• Perform a battery health check. 
On receiving a valid key signal from the IR Remote, the light will flash once. The user should wait until the light responds to each keypress before pressing another key. If there is no response to the keypress after 3 seconds, it has not been detected by the light and the key can be pressed again. 
If an invalid key is detected, the light will flash quickly 5 times. In this case, the command will have to be restarted.
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