Door Lock

Item no.: 777000K
Manufacturer: OkSolar

Extra Door Key – #E3-5-15, Cylinder type series 777000

Enclosure Wall or Pole Mounting Shelf

Item no.: 7774013
Manufacturer: OkSolar

Enclosure Wall or Pole Mounting Shelf Enclosures

Enclosures Mounting Brackets

Item no.: 7776025
Manufacturer: OkSolar

Premium Mounting Brackets - for wall/pole mounting, ideal for series enclosures

Enclosure Mounting Panels

Item no.: 7776026
Manufacturer: OkSolar

Back panels are made of 0.080” brushed aluminum with four mounting holes

Power Distribution Metered 1U 13 Outlets 15 Amp

Item no.: 7776147
Manufacturer: Tripp Lite

Power Distribution Unit Metered PDU 1U 13 Outlets 15 Amp, Vertical all-metal rackmount cabinet with detachable mounting flanges allows wall-mount, under-counter, and 19-inch rackmount mounting in both 1U and zero U formats