Pre-shipment inspection certificate
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Pre-shipment inspection certificate

Pre-shipment inspection certificate

I’m sorry we don’t provide factory tours. If you are concerned because this is your first order with our company, I suggest you purchase one unit, test it out, then proceed with an order for the remaining units. To give you an idea of who we are, here is a list of our customers.

You can also choose to inspect the products before been loaded to shipping container.

We offer the following: Pre-shipment inspection certificate - Container Loading Inspection It is typically performed by a third-party quality control agency, or by the buyer’s

Inspection after production. For many, this is considered as the final inspection and testing stage. A sample or 100% of the finished products will be inspected and tested.

Inspection prior to shipping. The orders placed by a customer will be inspected and will not be shipped until the final inspector has cleared them.

Note: These services have an added fee to estimate by third-party


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