Infrared Programmer
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Flash code settings Intensity and autonomy adjustments LUX Level adjustments for the photoelectric switch that automatically turns the unit on/off Activation / deactivation ability for storage or transport A battery voltage check to determine the relative health of the battery system ABOUT THE I.R. PROGRAMMER The I.R. programmer employed to program its lights is a standard infrared unit, identical to those used to operate televisions, VCR, stereos, etc. Why use a standard infrared programmer? There are many reasons behind this decision: Infrared technology requires minimal additional power to work effectively -- an important quality for our solar-powered, self-contained products. The standard programmer is simple to use and people are typically familiar with its operation. The standard programmer is extremely cost-effective. These programmers are mass-produced and the cost is very low relative to the cost of supplying a programmer custom manufactured by Carmanah.
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