Nema Wireless Racking Enclosure for the 4G /LTE
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Manufactured by OkSolar
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Nema Outdoor Wireless Racking Cabinet Enclosure for the 4G, LTE, OTN, Outside Plant (OSP), CATV, Wireless Markets. Direct Air Cooled

.-80”H x 25”W x 34”D.
.-2 Sets of 27 Racking Units in Top Compartment.
.-Outside Plant (OSP).
.-Dual Battery Compartment.
.-Seperate Spool Up Compartment.
.-Lifting Hooks.
.-ETL – CSA Certified.
.-Alumishield® Roof.

This is one of our top of the line Enclosure we manufacture and this assembly is one of the hottest selling assemblies that we sell.

It comes with (2) sets 19″ EIA racking rails with 27RU of available vertical rack space.

A 6000 BTU air conditioner for cooling with 400 watts of heat when needed; R3.3 closed cell foam insulation is included also.

Above door fluorescent lighting is made available. Has a NO/NC door alarm switches for intrusion notification.

A spool-up side box for fiber or cable spooling is included with a copper ground bar on insulators inside the spool-up box. A separate battery compartment below the equipment space is available for all your battery applications and more.

It is ETL certified.
-.Total Occupied Space 80.625″H x 35.5″W x 44.15″D.
-.Top Compartment: 48.6″H // Dual Bottom Compartment: 25.875″H (12.82”H in each Battery Section)
-.**To Accommodate our Large Amp Batteries** VBB-M12V155FT or VBB-M12V180FT
-.Outdoor Enclosure with Front and Rear Door
-.Useable Depth: Maximum: 30 1/2”, Minimum: 28 3/4″
-.Front and Rear sets of Adjustable 19” or 23” racking
-.(2) Sets of 27 Vertical Racking Units in Top Compartment
-.Racking Rails 48.72″H / Tapped 10/32, / (2) Cable Pass Through Holes
-.27 Racking Units Total / Rail Set
-.Heavy Duty Lifting Hooks
-.Powder Baked White with Texture
-.Air Conditioned Top Compartment (NEMA 4) and Fan cooled Battery Compartment (NEMA 3R) using (2) 5”, 48v, 110cfm fans and thermostat
-.45”H x 26”W x 10”D Side box with removable plywood back-plate with a total of (5) 2” cable pass through openings; (4) for the primary compartment and (1) for the battery cables
-.12” Copper ground bar on 14” risers and isolators
-.Dual panel AC load center with 50amp back-up generator plug. Interior convenience outlets and 220V supplied junction box for DC power back up system. See electrical layout.
-.400 watts of heat

Racking Spec Layout.
STANDARD EIA 19″ Racking.
EIA-310 is a specification for what is often called the “standard rack”. This specification standardizes several important features of 19″ racks, such as the Rack Unit (RU or U), vertical hole spacing, horizontal hole spacing, rack opening, and front panel width. The specification also set tolerances on each of these dimensions. The EIA-310 specification has been the 19″ racks standard for equipment for 50 years. The items that the specification does not cover are the real reason for the industry wide incompatibility we now face. Rack features such as hole type, rack mounting depth, front and rear space, and obstructions between front and rear rails are the cause of real rack headaches. Vertical Hole Spacing Vertical hole spacing is defined as a repeating pattern of holes within one Rack Unit of 1.75″. The hole spacing alternated at: 1/2″ – 5/8″ – 5/8″ and repeats. The start and stop of the “U” space is in the middle of the 1/2″ spaced holes. See the diagram below. Horizontal Spacing The horizontal spacing of the vertical rows of holes is specified by EIA-310 at 18 5/16″ (18.312)(465.1 mm). This dimension is not well maintained on some racks, causing problems with equipment installation. Many manufacturers use equipment mounting slots instead of holes to allow for variations in this dimension.
Rack Opening The opening in the rack is specified as a minimum of 17.72″ (450mm). 2Post or relay racks tend to have a larger than normal opening, as do many other racks with threaded holes. Square hole racks tend to be very close to the minimum opening. Front Panel Width.The only dimension on a 19″ rack that actually measures 19″ is the width of the front panel of equipment.

Dimensions and Weight
Length: 34 in.
Width: 25 in.
Height: 80 in.
Shipping Weight: 470 lbs.