Crane Solar Obstruction Light L-810

Item no.: 8207
Manufacturer: IQAirport

Crane Solar Obstruction Light L-810 FAA, Solar Crane Obstruction Light L-810- Applications: Obstruction light for a wide variety of cranes used in Harbors, Metallurgies, Towers (Telecom, GSM,Smokestacks, Buildings and any other potentially hazardous obstructions for air traffic with a steady burning red or flash safety light.

Solar Obstruction Lights FAA Approved

Item no.: 8208
Manufacturer: IQAirport

Solar Obstruction Lights FAA Approved, Solar LED Obstruction Light FAA, Solar Aviation Obstruction Light, Solar Obstruction Light - Low Intensity, Obstruction Lights, FAA Obstruction Tower Lighting, Tower Obstruction Lights, Aircraft Warning Lights Towers‎, Low intensity solar obstruction light for marking Towers (Telecom, GSM), Smokestacks (heat-engine plant, coking plant, chemical plant etc), Buildings, Port devise, Construction machinery, wind power generator etc for air traffic warning