Solar 24 Hour Flashing Light
Item no.: Solar-24-Hour-Flashing-Light
Manufactured by IQTraffiControl
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Self Contained Solar Powered 24 Hour Flashing Beacon

Solar powered 24-hour Flashing Beacon Self-contained. The system contain all electronics, batteries, controller & solar panel. No additional cabinet is required. The flashing beacon 12 inches (300mm) diameter LED module yellow lens, and mount with a standard bracket.

Compact and Lightweight.
*Install in Minutes - NO external wiring - NO cable trenching.
*MUTCD Compliant.
*30 Days Battery Autonomy* (without solar charging).
*Housing Color: Green, Yellow or Black (Black Housing Standard).
*Flexible design enables any configuration of bi-directional or dual flasher solution.
*Reliable operation 365 days per year at nearly any location on earth.
*IQ Engineered for up to five (5+) years of maintenance-free operation.
*3 Year Limited Warranty.

Operating Design: In the event of Extended heavily overcast periods or snow cover, the IQ system will dim the lights and reduce strobe count to ensure that the beacon remain effective for as long as possible.

Mounting Options:
2 inches, 2.5 inches Perforated Square Pole Mount.
2 3/8 inches – 2 7/8 inches Diameter Round Pole Mount 4 inches – 4.5 inches Diameter Round Pole Mount. NOT included.

POLE and Sign ARE NOT Included (check optionals).

Ships prewire.

Packaging information: Brown Box (Individual Packing for each part).

** Meets all requirements for design, illumination, and colour of signal sections required by 2009 MUTCD, Chapter 4L, Flashing Beacons (MUTCD: Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).


High IQTraffiControl will increase the IQ of your Traffic Controls!

Easy installs onto existing sign hardware with just a simple tools wrench and a screwdriver increases fast and easy sign visibility

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Dimensions and Weight
Length: n/a in.
Width: n/a in.
Height: n/a in.
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs.