Solar PV System Monitoring
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Utilize solar electricity efficiently

SOLARCHECK provides reliable information regarding the performance of your photovoltaic system, enabling you to detect errors and take appropriate countermeasures.

Detect errors – increase efficiency: photovoltaic systems should achieve maximum energy yield within the shortest possible time. SOLARCHECK enables you to respond immediately to power loss at individual lines which may be caused by damaged panels or defective contacts and cabling.

Your advantages

Low costs and wiring effort, due to an additional power supply unit not required in the device connection box
Easy and safe current measurement without interrupting cables, thanks to hall sensors
Space-saving installation, thanks to the compact design
Easy integration in monitoring systems, thanks to Modbus RTU communication
Monitoring of remote indication contacts by means of an additional digital input
Flexible expansion, thanks to optional voltage measurement of up to 1500 V DC

SOLAR CHECK – measurement and communication

Product overview of SOLAR CHECK PV string current monitoring

SOLAR CHECK - the modular string current monitoring system

The modular SOLAR CHECK monitoring system consists of various devices for current and voltage measurement and an associated communication module.

Communication module:

For connecting and collecting measured values from up to eight measuring modules
Provision of data for transfer to higher-level controllers
Supply of the connected measuring modules

Current measuring modules:

8-channel current measurement up to 20 A DC
Detection of reverse currents of up to -1 A
4-channel extension modules for 20 A DC
Digital input for monitoring, e.g., the remote indication contacts of surge protection modules
Supply via the communication module

Voltage measuring module

Voltage measurement up to 1500 V DC in any grounded PV system
Connection and supply is usually via the analog input provided on the 8-channel SOLARCHECK current measuring module
Output of the voltage measured value as an analog signal
As an option, can also be removed from the SOLARCHECK group and used separately

Easy integration into monitoring systems

SOLAR CHECK network for monitoring photovoltaic strings The communication module collects measured values from the current measuring modules and forwards them to a higher-level controller via RS485 Modbus.

You can acquire up to eight or four string currents with one current measuring module each
A maximum of eight current measuring modules of any type can be connected to one communication module
The 2-wire communication cable is also used to supply the measuring modules with power, which means no additional power supply unit is required in the field
The voltage measuring module is usually connected to and also supplied via the analog input provided on the 8-channel current measuring modules
All measured values can be read out of the communication module via open registers
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