Off Grid Solar Energy for Home 5000 Watts

Item no.: 021708
Manufacturer: OkSolar

5,000 Wh. with Battery Bank a total of approximately 4.8kWh of storage.

Off-Grid Power Solar Systems 10,000 Watts

Item no.: 021709
Manufacturer: OkSolar

Solar Off-Grid Power Systems Off-Grid Power Solar Systems 10,000 Watts with Battery Bank storage.

Off-Grid Solar Power System 2.5KW Plug In

Item no.: 021712
Manufacturer: OkSolar

Off-Grid Solar Power System 2.500 Watts Plug In

Roof Shingles Plug in Addon

Item no.: 0217140
Manufacturer: OkSolar

Roof Shingles, and photovoltaic shingles Plug In Solar Array

Off-Grid Wind Electric System OkW500S

Item no.: 021721
Manufacturer: OkSolar