Item no.: 88100
Manufactured by IQTraffiControl GR
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Automatic device for protecting private parking area. Working only with battery without external power supply. Resistance to crushing 1800 Kg. Battery life +/- 1 year. Included: 1 transmitter, fixing accessories. Colours: Yellow

Dimensions : open 395x530x453 mm
close 395x530x98 mm
Power Supply : green no-rechargeable battery 6Vcc 10Ah Operating temperature range : from - 10 to + 50 °C Battery’s life : 1 years with 4 daily handlings Opening time : about 5 seconds Frequency : 433.92 MHz Remote control operating range: about 10 Mt. CONFORMITY DECLARATION Model : SERVICE PARK Description : car private parking saver, wireless The manufacturer declare that the product respect the normative of the Machines Directive CEE 98/37.
Dimensions and Weight
Length: n/a in.
Width: n/a in.
Height: n/a in.
Shipping Weight: 35 lbs.