Top opening battery enclosure
Item no.: 777022
Manufactured by OkSolar
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Battery cabinet top opening Designed to House Large batteries some examples are = Quantity 8 Battery Group 4D or Quantity 6 Battery Group 8D. OkSolar top-opening battery enclosures are designed for housing larger batteries and controls. All .125 inch aluminum NEMA 3R construction includes 3” x 5” channel skids for fork lifting, providing ground clearance and anchoring attachment. All feature a brushed grain finish, hinged cover with prop rod and lock hasp, accessible and removable back panel for control/equipment mounting, wiring entry knockouts and passive venting. Extra space is provided for foam insulation around the battery. Designed for Group 4D or many other smaller batteries. WPC option with minimum order. Battery racks are also available, call for information.
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 40.25 in.
Width: 48.25 in.
Height: 20.50 in.
Shipping Weight: 140 lbs.