Fuel Cell Methanol Cartridges 28 liters
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Manufactured by IQFuelCell Efoy
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Methanol as a fuel offers a number of decisive advantages compared to classical fuels:

Extremely high energy density:
10 l of methanol has a capacity of 11.1 kWh of electricity at a weight of only 7.9 kg ? corresponding to about 1,400 Wh/kg.

Safety tested
EFOY fuel cartridges are designed to the highest levels of safety and carry the T?V GS seal of tested safety and UN approval for air transport. Their construction ensures that the user can never come into contact with the contents.

Methanol can be generated from renewable resources (e.g. from biomass and even household waste), does not damage the groundwater or the ozone layer and exists naturally (in small concentrations) in the environment and the human body.
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