Fuel Cell cartridges 10 Liters
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Manufactured by IQFuelCell Efoy
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Capacity 9.1KWh/760 Ah

Cartridges are available in 5-liter. Additional sizes for industrial or portable applications are available upon request.

EFOY fuel cartridges contain ultra-pure fuel that has been specially conceived for EFOY fuel cells. SFC has tested the fuel and it carries a molecular purity guarantee. Constant testing provides a safeguard for consistently high quality.
Only original EFOY fuel cartridges may be used on EFOY fuel cells in order to avoid irreversible damage to the unit by invisible chemical impurities such as sulfur, chlorine, sodium, etc. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the use of contaminated fuels!
Be sure to look for the "Ultra Pure" seal on every EFOY fuel cartridge!

Tested and proven Security!

Every SFC fuel cartridge carries the TUEV safety seal. SFC fuel cartridges have always been subject to the most stringent safety standards. The containers consist of highly impact-resistant plastic. Containers are subjected to numerous drop and shock tests and have continuously demonstrated a high level of security in these tests.
fuel cartridges are equipped with a safety valve to prevent leakage. The valve will only open if the fuel cartridge is connected to an SFC fuel cell. If the fuel cartridge is removed, the safety valve will hermetically seal ensuring that the user never comes into contact with methanol. This method of fueling is far safer, cleaner and more convenient than gasoline-powered generators.
Want to know more about environmentally friendly methanol?
Ultra-pure methanol is used to power EFOY fuel cells. This has decisive advantages over hydrogen-powered fuel cells:
Hydrogen is normally stored in heavy metal hydride cartridges. Manufacturing and refilling these cartridges is a very costly process. The contents last only a few hours and strict regulations govern the transportation of hydrogen.
Methanol, on the other hand, is sold in safe, convenient fuel cartridges. The cartridges can be replaced during operation within seconds. Charging time, as in the case of rechargeable batteries, is a thing of the past thus guaranteeing continual operation.
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