SunGuard 4 Charge Controller 12V, 4 Amp
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Manufactured by MorningStar SunSaver
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SunGuard-4 Controller The SunGuard is an economical controller that uses the same charging circuit as the SunSaver controller . It offers true 0-100% PWM duty cycle and setpoint accuracy to 60mV . The SunGuard is fully encapsulated in epoxy potting and has an ABS plastic, impact-resistant case . Five-year limited warranty . Morningstar Features: • Temperature compensation • Series design • Lightning protected • No need to derate • Outdoor rated • Operating temperatures of -40?C to +85?C
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 2.00 in.
Width: 2.50 in.
Height: 1.50 in.
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.