Golf Carts Batteries Solar Powered
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OkSolar Electrical Cars Charging system is a line of solar modules designed to make electric carts more productive. Constructed of the latest in thin film solar technology from OkSolar these new modules provide a simple and cost effective path to greener electric carts.

What will adding solar to your electric cart do for you?
Put the cart away at night-charged
Run all day without plugging in
Significantly reduce the costs associated with charging electric vehicles – less time required can equal as much as $1.00 - $2.00 per day for some
Solar modules reduce the depth of discharge which can increase the number of charging cycles and extend battery life
Possible Tax credit $$ for electric carts utilizing solar power

Additional benefits

In commercial applications solar panels increase customer satisfaction, for example the #1 complaint or highest level of dissatisfaction on golf courses is when an electric cart do not last a full 18 holes – the addition of solar makes sure the cart lasts…for much more than 18 holes.

Reduces manpower for cart maintenance, shuffling carts in and out of service to replace discharged carts often ties up three carts and takes two people – adding solar extends cart life

Overall reduction to cart downtime

Product Features
No Brackets-Peel and Stick Butyl Backer
No Holes to Drill
Flexible and Durable
No Glass to Break
Installs in Minutes-No adjustments
Low Profile
Available in Three Sizes and Voltages
Efficient Operation in Low Light

In typical use, a golf cart battery is discharged to twenty percent of capacity (80% discharge). In this usage, batteries will need replacement after 520 charge cycles or 1 3/8 years.
Use of a PowerFilm solar panel reduces depth of discharge to no lower than 65%. This extends battery lifetime to 730 charge cycles, a gain of almost 69%.
In most cases, through typical cart use, the battery discharge will be in the 30-50%, equaling a gain of more than double in battery life.
In one test case, battery discharge depth was limited to 10% of the battery capacity. Battery lifetime for this battery could be extended to up to 5000 charge

Dimensions and Weight
Length: in.
Width: in.
Height: in.
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs.