6 Zone Metal Detector, Walk Through
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6 Zone Metal Detector, Walk Through Ranger Security Detectors Intelliscan Walk-Through Metal/Weapons Detectors Multi-zone detector shows exact location of metal/weapons on person being screened and detects any items that are passed, slid, or tossed through the unit. Fast transit response and automatic reset allow more than 50 passes per minute. Detector rejects noise and other interference and has autoranging power from 95 to 250 VAC at 47 to 64 Hz. Alarm relay output contacts allow operation of external devices such as cameras, door locks, etc. Magnetic field is certified safe for heart pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. Certified by Federal Aviation Administration and meets or exceeds requirements of N.I.L.E.C.J. Standard 0601.00 security levels 1-5. Uses: Federal buildings, court houses, and embassies. Eliminates the need to empty pockets of normal quantities of keys, coins, etc. On/Off key lock Dual level six-digit security pass codes
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