Portable Traffic Signals
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Manufactured by IQTraffiControl
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Solar Traffic Signal Light Portable fixed on trailer, can move it easily

IQTRaffiControl stand-alone traffic lights timer controls the lighting sequence at fixed intervals. They can also be activated by radar sensors. Sets of traffic lights are usually radio linked together, insuring wire-less communication between the lights. A master traffic light connected to a computerized controller/sequencer synchronizes and controls the slave units

It consists of 4 sets of 200mm slim LED traffic signal lights, also can change to two direction according to customer requirements (LED signal modules not more than 4 each direction) Dot Standard Designed for Zone 2

Basic System includes

-Housing available in yellow, black and green (standard Black)
-Led Lamps IQLED, Long Life LEDs last for 100,000 Hours
-Meets ITE Chromatic and Visibility Requirements
-Long life, virtually no maintenance.
-Solar Panel.
-Structure for solar panel
-Pole Top mount
-Adjustable 0-90 horizontal and 360 about pole.
-Charge controller.
-Security breaker.
-Aluminum Enclosure - Vented door has keyed - Locking mechanism - Vandal-Resistant
-Batteries: Long-Life - Deep-Cycle - Maintenance-Free.
-Activation Switch On/Off: Optional Timer, Broadband Wireless programming.

-Low-Cost Installation -- Easily and Quickly Deployed in Any Location
-The Flexible design enables any configuration of bi-directional or dual flasher system solution.
-LED Beacons - Long-Life with Extremely Low Power Consumption
-Virtually Maintenance-Free Design
-Vandal and Theft Resistant Components and Hardware
-25-Year Warranty on Solar Modules
-(Optional) Unbreakable Solar Modules
-(Optional) Remote Control Activation.
-3 day’s worth of Backup energy for cloudy days

-Your next scheduled maintenance will be in 5 to 7 years!
-Promotes speed compliance.
-Proven technology.
-Vandal and theft-resistant components and hardware.
-Low installation cost.
-Easily and quickly deployed in almost any location.
-NO run Wiring from grid!
-NO cuts through existing roads, sidewalks or landscaping.
-NO Maintenance
-NO Utility bill
-Maintenance Free Batteries!
-Big Credits and Savings form State and Federal Taxes.
-Pays for itself in the form of reduced installation, maintenance and servicing costs.
-Reliable operation 365 days per year at nearly any location.

-24-Hour Flashing Beacon Systems
-School Zone Flashing Beacon Systems with Programmable Time Control
-Speed Awareness Displays
-Firehouse Entrance / Exit Warning Beacons
-Intersection / Crosswalk Warning
-Work Zones
-Sharp Curve Warning
-Factory/Plant/Facility Entrance Warning
-Railroad warning
-Ice on bridge warning
-Low water crossing

-Unbreakable Solar Modules Technology.
-Pole / Base: Item# Pole Base depending on size and weight of the system: 170861, 62, 63, 64, 65 Contact our technical support for more information 15 feet and Base Square Aluminum with Plastic door 5335 and Break way collar for heavy systems.
-Sing items# 170880, 82,83,84. (Speed Limit 5.10,15,20 when is flashing)

Activation On/Off:
-Standard Key switch Item#
-Timer Item# 160833 or # 160834
-Wireless remote Item# 160836 Key Cain distance up to 200ft.
-Wireless remote Item#: 394450 1-Channel Stationary Transmitter, 2-10 Miles.
-Pager activated.
-Broadband Activation
-Satellite Activation.
-Software Programming.

-Required an optimally oriented solar panel at the installation site.
-Test Conditions: of 1.5 air mass spectrum; 20 degrees C ambient air temp; 1 sun (1000 watts per square meter at POA irradiance); 1 meter per second wind speed at 10 meters above grade)

Packaging information:Brown Box (Individual Packing for each part).

Zone Type: Click Here for Information on World Daily Solar Radiation Zones

High IQTraffiControl will increase the IQ of your Traffic Controls!

Dimensions and Weight
Length: n/a in.
Width: n/a in.
Height: n/a in.
Shipping Weight: 340 lbs.