Foldable Solar Charger 20 Watts
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Manufactured by OkSolar
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Foldable Solar Charger is the next step up in portable power and charging needs, producing more power and opening up additional applications.

Utilization of the included 12 V, Foldable Solar Charger extremely easy and convenient.

Essentially replacing a vehicle battery for powering small- to medium-sized devices such as a netbook or electric inverter, is a perfect addition to outdoor supplies. Designed for users who need lightweight and portable power for laptop, cell and satellite phones, GPS units and more, PowerFilm Foldable Solar Chargers handle almost any charging need.

Chargers can be combined with standard Power accessories for even more applications.
Foldable Solar Chargers are extremely lightweight and compact, with the largest charger easily stored in a backpack or laptop bag, and the 5W charger fitting in a cargo pocket.

The chargers are designed for durability, and are UV and weather resistant to handle diverse environments.

They range in size from 5W to 60W, and custom sizes are available. Unlike other portable solar chargers, Power chargers can be used immediately after being removed from their packaging.

Unfolded Dimensions
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 30 in.
Width: 31.7 in.
Height: n/a in.
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.