Solar Powered Cabin Basic
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Are you tired of kerosene lamps and flashlights when you retreat to your cabin? For less money than you think you can install a fully functional solar electric system in your cabin or weekend home to operate your lights, water pump, small appliances, entertainment and computers.

In most parts of the world, solar is actually cheaper than batteries, kerosene or even installing and operating a generator. Our kits include everything you need to produce and store your own power.

Additional options sold separately include: Inverters for AC power, DC appliances (including refrigerators), DC lighting and water pumps. Please call us to discuss the details of what these kits are capable of and what accessories are right for you.

75 Watt Solar Panels (2) Solar Mount Uni-Rac Solar Boost 2000E Controller 6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries (2) Battery Interconnects 10/2 Direct Burial Wire (100Feet)
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