Energy Storage Lithium Battery
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Manufactured by IQUPS-Balqon
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Energy Storage Lithium Battery 18 Kwhr Energy Storage System - Lithium batteries 24 Volts connected in series. Pack Voltage Nominal 24 VDC; Pack Voltage Peak 32 VDC; Cycle life 3000 Cycles; Five year prorated warranty. Includes Battery Management system, cell monitoring of temperature and voltage control. Includes fuse and contact or [ battery disconnect]. Works seamlessly with most leading solar charge controllers and inverters. Max Charge voltage not to exceed 28.8 VDC. Cell balancing at .75 amps.

Nominal Capacity : 18 Kwhr
Battery Type : Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery Voltage : 24 Volt DC
Operating Voltage: 24 Vdc to 30 Vdc
Cycle Life 3000 Cycles
Charge Voltage: 28.0 Vdc Bulk Charge | 28.8 Vdc Absorption
Charge | 26.5 Vdc Float Charge
Discharge Voltage: 24 Vdc Max
Max Discharge Current : 350 amps at 80% DOD | 500 Amps at 50%
Max Charge Current : 300 Amps
Operating Temperature -45 deg C to 65 Deg C
Warranty : 5 Years Prorated.

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Dimensions and Weight
Length: 27.5 in.
Width: 25.6 in.
Height: 15.35 in.
Shipping Weight: 440 lbs.