Tarom 430 Charge Controller
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Manufactured by Steca Solarix Tarom
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Solarix Tarom
Solarix Tarom combines two new power technologies and aims to be the best quality PV controller.

First, it traces down the charging status of the battery with unprecedented accuracy, this way you can manage the system yourself with the precise status indicator.
Second, all the data can be transmitted into the DC-net.

With this function, there is no need for additional data nets to send battery information to other installed devices.
With the help of installed receivers, the deep discharge protection is decentralized by setting up different priorities.

A connected monitor can be used to call back all the recorded actual system parameters.

Solarix Tarom certainly offers the best quality of functions as a solar system controller.
The double-line display keeps you informed on important system parameters via status indicators.The first line permanently indicates the status of charge, battery voltage, charging and final charging current (with rough decomposition).
The second line informs on the system parameters and current status with changing detailed values and descriptions by changing the display every three seconds.

Two year warranty.

Solarix Tarom
More Features
• By putting an additional shunt into the battery cable, the controller can register the charging status and display up to 100 amps.
• External temperature sensor optional
• Data receiver
• Will operate as a lighting controller with optional PA15
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 7.40 in.
Width: 5.00 in.
Height: 1.90 in.
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.