SOLSUM 8.8C Charge Controller 8 amp W/LVD
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Manufactured by Steca SolSum
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SOLSUM 8.8C Charge Controller 8 amp W/LVD SolSumTM
Wear-resistant MOSFET transistors are used for the over-discharge protection in this charge controller, whereby a maintenance-free operation with an extremely long product life is ensured.

Absolutely new in this price class is cycle charging, boost charging and temperature compensation which are integrated in these charge controllers.
LED color display gives information about voltage of the battery bank.

Two year warranty.
More Features • Overvoltage protection
• PWM shunt regulator
• Built-in fuse
• Automatic voltage adaptation 12/24V
• Electronically circuit protected
• CE Certified
• Temperature Compensation
• Schottky diode
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 3.30 in.
Width: 3.80 in.
Height: 1.30 in.
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.