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A powerful alternative to generators, Vanner s solid-state dynamic inverters provide up to 7200 watts of power from lightweight, precisely regulated units that are powered by a vehicle s alternator.

The "A" Series units produce a well-regulated square wave AC output, and the "TA" units produce a pure sine-wave output using TruSine(R) technology.

A and TA dynamic inverters have been designed for rugged, demanding applications, such as those found on utility trucks and service vehicles. Our units deliver an unparelleled amount of AC power from a 12-volt truck system and a cost effective, requiring virtually no maintenance when compared to generators. Dynamic inverters are also extremely quiet - they operate electronically and therefore eliminate the considerable noise created by engine-driven electrical power sources.
You ll find the A and TA dynamic inverters a terrific solution for providing AC power on your vehicle.
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 9.75 in.
Width: 14.25 in.
Height: 15.00 in.
Shipping Weight: 74 lbs.