GAMMA Charge Controller 12 amp 12/24V
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Manufactured by Steca Solarix
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GAMMA Charge Controller 12 amp 12/24V Solarix solar charge controllers set new standards in solar technology.

For the first time a solar charge controller is offered, equipped with an integrated circuit (ASIC) specially designed for solar charging.This integrated circuit, called Atonic, provides a charge controller with new functions.

Atonic is more than a protective device for your battery, and contains the most recent and innovative technology. It contains a self-learning algorithm which gives detailed information on the batterys state of charge (SOC) and adjusts itself to the batterys age and capacity.The SOC provides a basis for all control and regulatory functions.

This new type of hybrid regulator is much more efficient than conventional series and shunt regulators.The display gives information about the SOC, and faults.

A combination of electronic and electro-mechanical protection increase the safety of the charge controller.

Two year

More Features
• Temperature-adjusted SOC
• Optimized fast, medium and trickle charging
• 6 character LCD display
• External temperature sensor
• The SOC provides load disconnect
• Two LEDs, fixed / flashing, different colors, provide SOC and operation status
• Polarity protection
• Extremely low electromagnetic emission
• 12/24V automatic setting
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 7.40 in.
Width: 4.00 in.
Height: 1.93 in.
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.