Transmitter Explosion proof Class I Div 1
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A quick, simple, and reliable low cost solution for moving one analog and two discrete signals out of a hazardous Div. I area to a safe area, eliminating the need for costly, time consuming conduit and cable runs in hazardous areas. This unique solution utilizes the 902-928MHz ISM band and Frequency Hopping Technology to guarantee a license free, interference free link between the hazardous area and safe area.

1 watt transmit power Wireless conduit for one 4-20 mA and two digital signals Interference free - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology License free 902-928 MHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band Easy to use, wire in – wire out, no setup or programming Range: 600 to 1000 feet in-plant [obstructed]; 4 to 5 miles ( 6 to 8 km) line-of-sight with Omni antenna; 20+ miles (32+ km) line-of-sight with Yagi antenna. Class I, Division 2 approved for hazardous area installation (UL, CUL and CSA approved)

Housing Features
• UL/cUL C1D1, Groups B,C,D.
• Rainproof NEMA 4X, IP66.
• Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy.
• Two 3/4" NPT conduit feed-through hubs.
• Factory sealed pig-tail wires.
• Glass dome for maximum RF signal transmission and visual inspection of LEDs.
• Safety Blue polyester powder coating.

The Explosion /Flameproof enclosure is rated NEMA 4x (IP66) and measures 11 in. x 5-7/16" x 5-5/8". The radio receiver rated for C1D2 DIN-rail mounted in a control cabinet outside the Hazardous area.
Dimensions and Weight
Length: in.
Width: in.
Height: in.
Shipping Weight: 70 lbs.