Traffic Flashers
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solid state Load Switch and Flasher.
?Meets NEMA TS 1-1994, TS 2-1998, and Type 170 dual circuit requirements. ?Maximum load current: 15 Amps RMS per circuit over temperature range of -34oC to +74oC. ?Operating voltage range: 60 to 135 VAC. ?Zero crossing: Less than 5 degrees of zero voltage point. ?Off state leakage less than 10 mA peak. ?Provides 56 flashes per minute. ?One cycle surge: 250 A peak. ?Peak Inverse Voltage: 600 V. ?Dual Circuit operation. ?Noise rejection:Greater than ±300V peak applied to ACLine. ?Dimensions: L = 8.025” x H = 4.170” x W = 1.475
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