School Warning 120VAC - 2H12 Inches - Yellow
Item no.: 160816
Manufactured by OkSolar
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School Warning 120VAC - 12 Inches - 2 Heads- Yellow

Include: LED Beacons, Housing Polycarbonate, signal mounting system and flasher device

Pole: Item# 170861 or 170863
Cabinet for flasher controller: Item#: 170868

Timer: Item#:160833 or 160834
Timed Push Button; item# 160832
Wireless: Item# 160836, 160837, 160838

Sign: Item# 170880, 170882, 170883, 170844

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Dimensions and Weight
Length: 16 in.
Width: 16 in.
Height: 100 in.
Shipping Weight: 16 lbs.