SubWay Lighting 5000 Lumens
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LED Consumption: 56W
Power Supply Consumption: 10W
LED Luminous Efficiency: >80LM/W
LED Initial FLux: 5,000lm (TJ=25℃)
LED Maintain FLux: 4,600lm(Tj=60℃,Ta=25
Lamps FLux: 4,200lm(Tj=60℃, Ta=25℃)
Lamps Efficiency(%): >90%

Revolutionary Photometric Design-The world’s first dedicated optical system(rectangular beam focusing lens): Reasonable control of the light distribution, spot rectangular bean pattern ,and ensure an ideal uniformity of brightness on the road surface, eliminate the glare and keep the LED lighting efficiency on a high level, no light pollution;

2 Unique Integrated Lens and Lampshade Design: Array Lens play a protective and spot light role, avoid wasteful duplication of light and reduce the loss of light, also reduce the weight of the product and enable simplified structure, to keep the product ethereal;

3 Creative Design of the Radiator and Lamp holder Integration: Fully protect LED life and heat dissipation requirements, satisfied with the structure and design of LED Lights fundamentally, which the most distinctive features of LED Lights(see page 4 attached picture);

4 Unique Thermal slide-shell design, disassembled with simple and convenient combination: Slide lights with composite shells, the installation forms dynamic, simple and convenient combination lamps. Easy for dismantle and maintenance, save cost and the job has become very easy;

5 Intelligent current control, achieve the precision constant current: Each LED module can implement intelligent current control, whatever power network how to wave, it is able to achieve the precision constant current, ensure the LED can work under the secure current;

6 Complete LED Driver protection: Drive circuit with over-voltage, over-current and catastrophic protection, The LED will be safe even the circuit is broken;

7 No Adverse Glare: Eliminate the glare caused by the adverse ordinary lights glare and visual fatigue sight interference, improve driving safety, reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, fully embodies the spirit of “People-oriented Technology” in this product;

8 NO light Pollution: Light distribution controlled strictly and will not bring any light out of the request area;

9 No High-voltage, No Dust Adsorption: Eliminate the chance of adsorbs the dust by high-voltage which will cause the lampshade become dark, reduce the brightness

10 No High-temperature, No Aging Yellow Lampshade: Eliminate the baking which cause traditional lampshade turn yellow, shortened life expectancy and decrease the brightness;

11 Start Without Delay: Reach the normal brightness directly and do not have any delay, eliminate the long process starting of the traditional tunnel lights;

12 No Strobe Flashing: Eliminate the visual fatigue which caused by the strobe lights of the traditional tunnel lamps;

13 Impact Resistance, Shock-proof, Without Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) Radiation: No filament and glass frames, avoid break of the traditional lamp, without harm to the human body;

14 High Color Index, Nice Coloration: To show the true colors and brighter, good identifiably;

15 Multiple Color Temperature Options: Color temperature to meet the needs of different occasions, eliminated the low color temperature of the sodium lamp which cause the depressed mood, observers will feel more comfortable;

16 Tremendous Energy Saving: Used the ultra high power, high brightness LED light source ,together with the high power efficiency power supply, which can save energy 50%-80% than the conventional sodium and mercury lamps;

17 Long Life, Up to 50,000 Hours: (Working for 10 hours a day, can be used for more than 13 years), is 5-10 times working life than a traditional sodium or mercury lamp;

18 Green and Environmental Protection: no lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution;

19 Universal Input Voltage-85-264vAC full voltage range constant, constant-current PWM technology, high efficiency, low-heat, high-precision constant current;

20 No Pollution to Power Network: Power factor ≥0.9, THD≤20%, EMI apply with the global universal index, reduce the power loss and transmission lines to avoid contamination of the network of high frequency interference;

21 Work under Low-voltage and Low-Heat, Safe and Reliable: LED junction temperature can be controlled under an ideal temperature (TJ<60℃ Ta=25℃ ambient temperature);

22 Perfect Combination With solar Energy: Fully exert the advantage of the LED work under low voltage and environment work, according to the local solar energy resources, electricity and solar power can also be combined .To achieve the best cost performance and high reliability customers;

23 High Luminous Efficiency: LED luminous efficiency of the existing condition is ≥801m/w, with the rapid increase LED brightness, lighting power will be further reducing, and saving energy efficiency will show obviously;

24 Perfect Support intelligent control: such as combine Tunnel lighting starts shortly as trait(<2 seconds), Adopt the newest technology of tunnel lighting intelligent control, when no vehicles pass tunnel, It can put out most of lamps, when vehicles pass tunnel entrance at within 500m area, It can start lighting automatically. So It has solved the problem of smaller tunnel traffic which no vehicles pass the tunnel will waste a great deal of electric power sources. Supply a new idea “establish saving society” to city road management;

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