Emergency Solar Rechargeable Lantern
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Manufactured by Solaris
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THE BATTERY AND SOLAR PANEL The high tech battery featured in the SOLARIS is the future of solar technology and renewable energy. It is now the primary battery type in use by automakers for electric vehicle development.

This high performance, rechargeable battery will run the SOLARIS portable lantern up to 6 hours of continuous use when fully charged. Users can expect more than 500 charges before battery replacement may be required. Just one of these high tech batteries equals hundreds of D-size alkaline batteries. This saves the user several hundred dollars over the life of the lantern. Plus, the battery provides memory-free recharging so you can’t destroy the battery or alter the amount of energy if it is not fully charged. Our custom circuit discharge protector ensures years of battery life. Imagine, no more fuel to store and carry, or alkaline batteries to purchase! The space-age solar panel used in the SOLARIS is also unique. Small, thin and flexible, this solar panel makes power in normal sunlight, and also performs effectively in high temperature or low-light conditions. SAFE FOR USERS AND ENVIRONMENT SOLARIS offers many safety advantages over other portable lanterns. The risk associated with the use of Kerosene lanterns is eliminated. No more fear of fire or explosion, no fumes, no spills, no fuel cans. Plus, these solar lanterns can be used safely inside an enclosed space because they do not release any carbon monoxide or sulphur dioxide, nor do they burn up oxygen. Risks to the environment are also significantly reduced. There are no toxic lead acid, cadmium, or alkaline batteries to dispose of properly. The SOLARIS causes zero pollution. EASY USE, EASY CARE SOLARIS is easy to use, carry, and recharge. The small, lightweight lantern and solar panel provide bright light for up to 6 hours (when fully charged). With a total weight of just 2.06 lbs., this lantern can be taken anywhere, anytime. To charge the solar lantern, the user simply plugs the panel into the lamp and sets the lamp and solar panel in the sun to receive a charge. The longer the panel is exposed to the sun, the longer run time will be experienced. Plus, there is no maintenance or cleaning required with the SOLARIS. No soot. No spills. No changing of mantles. It’s that simple. STORE THE SUNSHINE, USE IT LATER The advantages of solar power are numerous. The compact fluorescent bulb in the SOLARIS brings bright light to the darkness – from the top of a mountain to the middle of the desert.
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 8.25 in.
Width: 11.55 in.
Height: 8.25 in.
Shipping Weight: 2.7 lbs.